Engagement and teamwork in hybrid spaces

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About Course

In this module, we will focus on challenges related  to managing teams in hybrid spaces.

You will understand: the concepts of safe spaces, online body language, and informal communication in hybrid spaces.

You will identify: the positive habits that facilitate moderation and monitoring of hybrid activities.

You will develop: some strategies that enable you to maintain engagement and motivation in hybrid teams.

Course Content

This module aims to equip practitioners with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to facilitate hybrid sessions with stationary and remote participants at the same time in a variety of different contexts and settings. As was mentioned in a previous module hybrid learning offers plenty of benefits: more flexibility for teachers and users, accessibility for the various groups of potential learners, or affordability to enumerate the most important ones. At the same time facilitating workshops in a hybrid space can be challenging – in fact, the facilitator needs to conduct two parallel meetings – one for the face-to-face learners and one for an online group. It is worth underlining that hybrid spaces are not only about the technology that we use but also about communication between people, their behaviours, engagement, and motivation.

Teams in Hybrid Spaces
This session aims to introduce you to team management in hybrid spaces. Safe Space: what is it? How to create a safe space in a hybrid environment? Informal communication – how to extend informal communication into hybrid spaces? How to integrate two ways of communication in hybrid spaces? How to transfer non-verbal communication in hybrid spaces?

Moderating Hybrid Activities
The aim of this module is to equip facilitators with the knowledge, competencies, and skills necessary to conduct hybrid meetings. In the previous module, you could learn about the importance of preparations and the power of communication. In this module, you will have to deal with three major challenges related to working in a hybrid space, such as maintaining motivation, engagement, and visibility.

Monitoring Hybrid Collaboration
The aim of this module is to present the tools and good practices that will enable you to monitor activities and collaboration in the hybrid environment as well as create and read teams. It refers you to the previous modules and the content related to building and maintaining motivation and engagement. You will also get familiar with the term of the organizational culture which is the crucial element of the monitoring activities.

What do we miss?
When teaching in a hybrid space, you will need to devote your attention to many different aspects and not lose sight of the main purpose of the meeting. This means that you may miss some important details.

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