Module 2 – QUIZ (RESULTS)

A) active listening
B) yelling at participants
C) interrupting others

A) sending an official e-mail
B) conference with stakeholders
C) chit-chatting at the coffee machine

A) flexible and dynamic
B) it is not professional
C) defines rules and regulations

A) feeling of exhaustion that often occurs after attending a series of virtual video meetings
B) prefer Microsoft Teams application over Zoom
C) being tired of Gen Z difficulties and expectations

A) infrequent communication with employees
B) creating a space for interaction between participants
C) forbidding informal connections between participants

A) young people`s fascination with computer games
B) a cultural phenomenon exploring the impact of games on society
C) the incentivization of people`s engagement in non-game contexts and activities by using game-style mechanics

A) company`s beliefs, values, and attitudes
B) company`s way of spending free time
C) company`s vision and mission

A) playing games
B) writing a business letter
C) brainstorming about a training trip

A) participants are running late
B) sounds of telephones
C) technology does not work

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