Module 5 – QUIZ (RESULTS)

A) Video Education Training
B) Vocational Education and Training
C) Virtual Education Tools

A) In-person only
B) Online and hybrid
C) Self-paced online courses

A) Language Management System
B) Learning Management System
C) Legal Mediation Service

A) Blackboard Learn
B) Moodle
C) Canvas

A) High costs for licensing
B) Code is publicly accessible
C) Strict user restrictions

A) Generate profit for creators
B) Restrict access to paying customers
C) Eliminate barriers to accessing knowledge

A) To restrict how resources can be used
B) To provide a way for materials to be shared legally and flexibly
C) To increase the cost of educational content


A) Webcam
B) Printer
C) External hard drive

A) At least 2GB of RAM
B) At least 4GB of RAM
C) No RAM needed

A) Google Meet
B) Microsoft Excel
C) Adobe Photoshop

A) Adobe Reader
B) Moodle
C) Microsoft Word

A) Asia
B) Europe
C) North America

A) California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)
B) New York Privacy Act
C) Texas Data Protection Act

A) Phishing
B) Overcharging
C) Quality assurance

A) Regular data deletion
B) Use of simple passwords
C) Regular security assessments

A) California Cyber Protection Act
B) California Consumer Privacy Act
C) Central Consumer Protection Authority

A) Data Encryption
B) Social Media
C) Online advertising

A) Open-source software
B) Two-factor authentication
C) Multimedia tools

A) To provide entertaining content
B) To safeguard digital resources and protect sensitive information
C) To market educational programs

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